A beautiful smile is often determined by its symmetry. Dale Belnap provides complete orthodontic care to treat various forms of misalignment and generate a naturally uniform dentition. Visit Colleyville Dentistry in Tarrant County near Fort Worth for orthodontic care to straighten your teeth and build an attractive, healthy smile.

Full Orthodontic Care in Tarrant County

Our practice offers a range of orthodontic treatments, from traditional full metal braces to discreet clear braces. We supply solutions for various forms of misalignment and malocclusion, including overcrowding, gaps, crossbite, overbite, and underbite.

Multi-Phase Orthodontics

Depending on the patient’s current stage of dental health, orthodontic care is best administered in different phases. Dr. Belnap provides customized orthodontic care that caters to children, teens, and adults.

  • Phase I orthodontic care prepares a child for a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Palatal expanders, spacers, and other precursors to braces aid in aligning the jaw and generating enough space in the mouth to ensure they receive all permanent teeth without complication while children are still at their most impressionable stage.
  • Phase II orthodontic care often uses full metal brackets and wires to move teeth into an ideal position, fixing alignment complications and improving the overall function of the smile. Traditional orthodontics is coveted for its ability to address nearly all forms of misalignment, from severe cases to simple shifting of teeth.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment range from improving hygiene maintenance to enhancing a beautiful smile. The alignment of your teeth can affect the way teeth wear down as well as the ease of managing proper hygiene. Receiving alignment treatment assures patients are able to maintain a healthy set of teeth with ease.

Our practice also provides the preliminary care needed to ensure orthodontic treatment goes without complications. Dr. Belnap will conduct necessary extractions, or otherwise refer patients out to a local specialist, to prepare for future orthodontic care.

Clear Braces with ClearCorrect®

We offer a discreet alternative to traditional, full metal braces using ClearCorrect. This method uses plastic trays form-fitted onto each individual’s teeth to gently shift teach into an ideal position. These clear aligners are practically invisible, making for great-looking smiles during and after treatment.

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