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A beautiful smile can leave a lasting impression. Dr. Dale Belnap and his team at Colleyville Dentistry help patients all across Tarrant County address imperfections on teeth and improve their overall smile. Visit our practice today and discover your options for uncovering the natural beauty in your smile.

Building Beautiful, Healthy Smiles in Tarrant County

Your smile’s appearance can be a direct indicator of its overall health. Dr. Belnap works with patients to develop a customized treatment plan to address their concerns, improve the health and function, and bring out the full potential of their smile. Our practice can address issues including decay, misalignment, uneven teeth, missing teeth, and damage.

Services we provide include:

Dental Bonding is used to repair minor chips and cracks on teeth. This utilizes color-matched dental material able to blend seamlessly with natural teeth.

White Fillings seal a tooth after it has been treated for a cavity, restoring its structure and preventing further decay. This composite resin material is able to blend well with the color of a natural tooth.

Crowns are used to protect teeth that have been treated or has suffered damage. Porcelain crowns match with the color and shine of natural teeth while providing reliable durability and restoration to the overall structure of the tooth.

Bridges are used to replace up to a short row of missing teeth using a prosthetic made from porcelain material. This procedure involves altering adjacent teeth to secure the prosthetic in place.

Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that can adjust the shape, color, and size of teeth. These improvements are cemented over teeth as a permanent adjustment to existing dentition.

Dental Implants stabilize prosthetic teeth in place as well as replace the root of the tooth. Dr. Belnap can provide restorations to your dental implants as part of his services.

Orthodontic Treatment can treat gaps, overcrowding, misalignment and otherwise most malocclusions that can cause several complications to the smile, including difficulty maintaining optimal hygiene. Teeth alignment procedures often provide both aesthetic and functional benefits.

At Colleyville Dentistry, our goal is to help patients achieve optimal oral health and a beautiful smile. We ensure each of our enhancements are backed by a solid foundation of good-standing oral health. Dr. Belnap addresses any existing dental issues prior to engaging with cosmetic-focused enhancements. Ensuring good-standing dental health gives patients life-long improvements to their smile.

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